Wow, this was a while ago. Sorry for bad updates, since school started I’ve been a little busy to say the least. I’ll be better, I promise! (or try, hehe). So.. Life is good. It’s been almost two weeks in school now and I’m finally getting used to the change. School here is a whole … More Headache 


The other day we went to the police station right across the street. Is was something about us having to confirm our move. Since it obviously was a lot of paperwork we started reading all the signs on the wall while waiting. And there, in the first paragraph, it said “all Aliens are to follow … More Aliens

Shi Sha and Sangria

Yesterday, we took the metro, not Metro as in the supermarket but metro as in subway, to Shipaiqiao. It went really well. There were signs everywhere and mostly English too. The trains leave every other minute so it’s not like you’re tied up to a certain time. Back in Sweden, when I lived in Grebbestad … More Shi Sha and Sangria


First the VPN dies, then the wifi, then my computer decides to crash every time i open WordPress, i don’t have any sock, its too warm, my speakers faints spontaneously, i don’t have enough hangers in my wardrobe, all my shoes are wet and i can’t find a bookstore. I’m seriously not in the mood … More Rage